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Volunteer in Kenya or UK
We are keen to recruit volunteers to work on the projects in Mombasa. We are looking for people with nursery, playgroup or Key Stage 1 experience to help in our school. Our teachers are all qualified but would welcome volunteers who can add their experience of teaching. They also need support developing their PE skills.

If this is neither your interest nor your skill we also need volunteers to support IT skills  or to work in the community with the youth or the women.

Many of the youth have never worked and in addition to skills, they need a trained motivator who will inspire them and support them as they try to find work or set up their own business. We are also trying  to motivate them through sport and if you are a sport's trainer we need you.

Many of our women need support setting up or expanding their small businesses. Currently most small businesses are food based so if you have skills that might enable them to branch out into something new, or can support them with basic business skills, then we need you.

We would also value the help of nurses to work in our clinic and we are also keen to enlist the help of psychologists who have experience of working with children.

Otherwise what we really need are skills that you can pass on to others. For example we had two young volunteers who went out together. One of these had experience teaching drama to adults, children and people with learning difficulties and she worked primarily with our youth groups in the community. Her partner was an IT person who worked with our teachers and adults in the community improving their IT skills. They stayed for three weeks and then returned six months later for a further two months.

Another volunteer who has nursery experience and is a competent IT user helped in the nursery. She improved the IT skills of the teachers and children and organised the set-up of a library for the community. Seb, an accountant, spent five weeks working on the project giving our coordinator the skills she needs to produce accurate accounts for Mustard Seed.

There are always jobs for people to do in a school but it's a long way to go if you do not have skills that are going to enhance what is already there so you need to think about what you have to offer.

Maybe you are creative. The teachers have basic display skills but they could use further support. You do not need to be a qualified teacher but have you any other teaching experience? Passing on skills to others involves being able to teach.

Think about what you could add to our school and poor underprivileged community. Your skill does not need to be something essential just something that will make people's lives more fulfilling.

Although Mustard Seed do not specify the age of their volunteers it is unlikely that you will have the experience we need if you are younger than 22 or 23.

Although MSP does not charge volunteers it does not pay for travel to and from Kenya. Nor does it pay for your accommodation, meals or travel to and from the airport although all these will be arranged for you. Meals on school days will be provided for you free of charge.

For more details of volunteering in Kenya please email Rita or Geoff at
Or ring Rita or Geoff on 01778 341855 to discuss this.

You can also  volunteer with MSP in the UK.

If you have time and are interested in helping us in the UK then we would be very pleased to hear from you.

  Updated September 2017       
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