Opening doors to a brighter future

Quality Education in deprived urban Mombasa

A small UK charity building a school and providing quality education, health care and a feeding programme to 275 poor African children in this deprived area of Kenya


  • School is closed. 
  • Families are huddled together in small rooms. 
  • Government lock down means very few are able  to feed themselves or their families. 
  • No-one has money for soap. 
  • Mustard Seed Project is providing food and soap for these families. 
  • We also need to pay the salaries of our staff
  • If you feel you could help please  

This year Mustard Seed Project is 11 years old! We have built the ground floor of our own school and are in the process of building the upper storey to accommodate all the children in the same place, saving us £5,000 per year in rent.

Ways you could help

Under 23 for Birmingham

Jude Bellingham is 17 years old and has recently transferred to Dortmand in Germany.   He is raising money to build a classroom. Select the image to support him.

Alternatively you could

  • £15 per month will pay for all school fees, morning porridge and a balanced mid-day meal
Volunteer with deaf child

Volunteer in our Mombasa School

  • You can volunteer for free in Kenya or alternatively we would welcome your help in the UK.
feeding programme at Miche Bora

Help feed our children

  • It costs £15,000 a year to feed our children. Around £7 per child per month during term time.

Latest news

Almost complete

School will be closed until January 2021 which is devastating for the children. The only good news is that construction can carry on safely with no children around. Better still…

The end of an era

Senior elder and trustee of Mustard Seed Project, Harry, is about to retire. Harry has been with Mustard Seed since the beginning. The government has now said that Elders older…

Washing hands to keep safe

School is now closed because of Covid 19 but at least our children have been taught to wash their hands. Mustard Seed Project are supplying soap to all our families…

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