Sponsor a child in Africa

You could sponsor a child to move to another school. These could be children who have completed their education at Miche Bora and are ready to move on to a secondary school. Unfortunately secondary education is very expensive and way beyond the income of our parents. 

Most of these cost £60 per month. 

If you sponsor one of these children you will receive an update from your chosen child every term.

You might also sponsor a child who needs to move from our school because we can no longer meet their needs. An example of this could be a deaf child. Again, educating these children is beyond the income of their parents at £60 per month. You could also expect to receive regular updates about your chosen child.

You can set up regular payments here.

You could also sponsor one of the children in our school. 

£15 per month will pay all educational and feeding costs for a child. 

Most children make a small contribution towards their education but some are not able to do so. These children need to be completely sponsored. A child does not know they are being sponsored. They are treated in exactly the same way as other children. Only the child’s parents, the headteacher and the school secretary would be able to identfy one of these children and we feel very strongly that this is the way it should be. We do not believe they should get special treatment.

If you sponsor one of our children you can expect to hear from a school representative what is happening in school every term. You will of course also receive updates from the founding trustees when they are in Kenya if you opt to do so. 

You can set up regular payments here.